Archive for August, 2009

29.08.2009: Co-routines as an alternative to state machines
28.08.2009: Book review: “Natural language processing with Python” by Bird, Klein & Loper
20.08.2009: Frames and protocols for the serial port – in Python
19.08.2009: PySide – Nokia-sponsored LGPL bindings to Qt
14.08.2009: Book review: “Classic Feynman” by Richard Feynman
12.08.2009: Framing in serial communications
08.08.2009: Book review: “Computer Networks 4th edition” by Andrew Tanenbaum
07.08.2009: A “live” data monitor with Python, PyQt and PySerial
07.08.2009: It’s time for Python 2.6
01.08.2009: A group-theoretic proof of Euler’s theorem