Archive for July, 2009

31.07.2009: Listing all serial ports on Windows with Python
30.07.2009: Setting up Python to work with the serial port
28.07.2009: Euler 68 – solving problems the hard way, but having fun along the way
25.07.2009: Book review: “The last lecture” by Randy Pausch
22.07.2009: Switching to the dark side – management
17.07.2009: Equivalence classes and group partitions
15.07.2009: Book review: “The varieties of scientific experience” by Carl Sagan
13.07.2009: Detexify recognizes hand-written math symbols
11.07.2009: Posting correctly-aligned Latex formulae in a WordPress blog
11.07.2009: Generating multi-subsets using arithmetic
10.07.2009: Book review: “Tab electronics guide to understanding Electricity and Electronics” by G. Randy Slone
10.07.2009: The GCD and linear combinations
09.07.2009: The well-ordering principle
05.07.2009: Book review: “On the road” by Jack Kerouac