Archive for January, 2009

31.01.2009: and they just keep shooting those rockets…
28.01.2009: Creating threads in Win32 C/C++ programming
27.01.2009: Book review: “To a God Unknown” by John Steinbeck
23.01.2009: Book review: “Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet” by K. Hafner and M. Lyon
20.01.2009: matplotlib with PyQt GUIs
19.01.2009: Great Firefox productivity tip
19.01.2009: Moving to PyQt
19.01.2009: The problem with Gaza
16.01.2009: Python insight: beware of mutable default values for arguments
13.01.2009: The limit of sin(h)/h, or deriving the sine function
11.01.2009: Book review: “The Pastures of Heaven” by John Steinbeck
09.01.2009: Writing a game in Python with Pygame. Part III
07.01.2009: Variance of the sum of independent random variables
05.01.2009: Book review: “QED – The strange theory of light and matter” by Richard Feynman
02.01.2009: Book review: “Fathers and Sons” by Ivan Turgenev