Archive for November, 2008

28.11.2008: A Python replacement for PHP software ?
28.11.2008: Book review: “Jewish children” by Sholem Aleichem
25.11.2008: Book review: “A voyage long and strange” by Tony Horwitz
22.11.2008: JSON is YAML, but YAML is not JSON
15.11.2008: pycparser v1.0 is out!
14.11.2008: Book review: “A Certain Ambiguity: A mathematical novel” by G. Suri and H. Bal
14.11.2008: Spam madness
13.11.2008: Book review: “American Prometheus – The triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer” by K. Bird and M. Sherwin
10.11.2008: Book review: “The State of the Jews” by Theodor Herzl
07.11.2008: Book review: “The Wisdom of Shepherds” by Rhett Ellis
01.11.2008: Academic publications