Archive for October, 2008

28.10.2008: Book review: “Discourse on the Method…” by RenĂ© Descartes
23.10.2008: Deploying TurboGears applications on shared hosting (Bluehost)
20.10.2008: Installing Python 2.5 on Bluehost
18.10.2008: Implementing cdecl with pycparser
17.10.2008: memmgr – a fixed-pool memory allocator
14.10.2008: Book review: “The extended phenotype” by Richard Dawkins
14.10.2008: Database n00b
14.10.2008: Parsing C: more on #line directives
11.10.2008: Should I learn Javascript ?
10.10.2008: Writing tests first
10.10.2008: On parsing the C standard library headers
09.10.2008: Packaging DLLs with executables made by py2exe
08.10.2008: An important part of a programmer’s job
08.10.2008: Book review: “Clear and present danger” by Tom Clancy
03.10.2008: Upgrading WordPress