Archive for August, 2008

31.08.2008: ctypes – calling C/C++ code from Python
30.08.2008: Mark Twain on “Work versus Play”
29.08.2008: Space-efficient list rotation
28.08.2008: A useful Excel VBA macro
24.08.2008: reStructuredText for blog post formatting
23.08.2008: Initializing an array in constant time
23.08.2008: Integrating the Platform SDK into MS Visual C++ Express
21.08.2008: Robust exception handling
15.08.2008: Intersection of 1D segments
14.08.2008: Book review: “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” by Benjamin Franklin
13.08.2008: Book review: “After Tamerlane” by John Darwin
05.08.2008: Book review: “Rocket Boys” by Homer Hickam
02.08.2008: rant about mailing lists
01.08.2008: matplotlib with wxPython GUIs