Archive for May, 2007

29.05.2007: Book review: “The story of language” by Charles L. Barber
23.05.2007: SciTE enhancements
22.05.2007: MySQL server installation woes
22.05.2007: using nmap to scan ports
20.05.2007: “Unassigned variable” error in C#
19.05.2007: PayPal problem with receiving funds without a U.S. bank account
18.05.2007: an original marriage proposal…
15.05.2007: quality reading instead of quantity reading
12.05.2007: Book review: “Road fever” by Tim Cahill
10.05.2007: Typing Spanish characters on a standard keyboard
09.05.2007: Book review: “The emergence of man” by John Pfeiffer
07.05.2007: irb tab completion
04.05.2007: Book review: “A tale of two cities” by Charles Dickens