Archive for April, 2007

23.04.2007: Book review: “Big Bang” by Simon Singh
21.04.2007: Doing some work at RentACoder
16.04.2007: Book review: “Ruby Cookbook” by L. Carlson and L. Richardson
14.04.2007: Book review: “The mismeasure of man” by Stephen Jay Gould
14.04.2007: Subversion repository on SourceForge
13.04.2007: Useful resources for using YAML in Ruby
13.04.2007: Nice quotes about science
13.04.2007: Unicode and character sets
08.04.2007: Solution of the Two Envelopes paradox
08.04.2007: Sudoku as a SAT problem
07.04.2007: Fighting blog and forum spam – a temporary victory
05.04.2007: Book review: “Freakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
04.04.2007: Improving anti spam security of my ESMS forum
04.04.2007: A speeding ticket comes from afar
03.04.2007: TFTP
01.04.2007: SimCity 4