Archive for November, 2006

27.11.2006: Book review: “The Son Of The Wolf” by Jack London
25.11.2006: A taxonomy of typing systems
23.11.2006: Fearing the “second system effect” in my rewrite of ESMS
21.11.2006: Book review: “One for the road” by Tony Horwitz
18.11.2006: null-modem, physical and virtual COM ports
14.11.2006: Gear for the vacation
12.11.2006: Book review: “Call of the wild” by Jack London
10.11.2006: A damn fine photo
10.11.2006: The parentheses of Lisp
09.11.2006: Book review: “RTL Hardware design using VHDL” by Pong P. Chu
07.11.2006: How to misunderstand security
03.11.2006: Testing WordPress image upload
03.11.2006: Book review: “Lonely planet: Tramping in New Zealand” by Jim DuFresne