Archive for October, 2006

28.10.2006: Book review: “Blue Latitudes” by Tony Horwitz
27.10.2006: The sad state of the Lisp user community
23.10.2006: Book review: “How the mind works” by Steven Pinker
20.10.2006: Book review: “Triple your reading speed” by Wade Cutler
20.10.2006: Got the flight tickets !
15.10.2006: Book review: “Nine princes in Amber” by Roger Zelazny
13.10.2006: Book review: “Animal farm” by George Orwell
06.10.2006: Book review: “The Dante club” by Matthew Pearl
02.10.2006: Speed reading
01.10.2006: Book review: “Hackers’ tales” by Dr K