Archive for December, 2005

30.12.2005: Summary 2005
27.12.2005: Book review: “Monday begins on saturday” by A & B Strugatsky
27.12.2005: Civilization 4
26.12.2005: my defenses have finally broken down
24.12.2005: nostalgic gaming
23.12.2005: Book review: “The virtue of selfishnes” by Ayn Rand
23.12.2005: some regex “best practices”
16.12.2005: Book review: “A Russian novel” by Meir Shalev
13.12.2005: banks vs. private brokers
09.12.2005: Book review: “Touching the void” by Joe Simpson
09.12.2005: Book review: “Moon palace” by Paul Auster
04.12.2005: perl master, C++ slave, bound for serial port programming