Archive for November, 2005

29.11.2005: Book review: “Contact” by Carl Sagan
28.11.2005: use[less] keys on the keyboard
27.11.2005: Book review: “The blind watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins
22.11.2005: when bit endianness matters
18.11.2005: Book review: “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden
18.11.2005: understanding web programming & design with PHP / XML / XSLT
18.11.2005: annoying tool problems at work
14.11.2005: Book review: “A pale blue dot” by Carl Sagan
13.11.2005: Book review: “A balcony in Nepal” by Sally Olds
09.11.2005: burning out of techies
07.11.2005: Book review: “Phra Farang” by Phra Peter Pannapadipo
06.11.2005: Book review: “A fire upon the deep” by Vernor Vinge
05.11.2005: Book review: “We the living” by Ayn Rand
04.11.2005: vacation log