Archive for September, 2005

29.09.2005: vacation !!
29.09.2005: Book review: “The three musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas
26.09.2005: Book review: “Brain Building” by Marilyn Vos Savant
23.09.2005: using PAR to create a custom “hosted” Perl environment
19.09.2005: Book review: “Embedded Microprocessor Systems” by S. Ball
19.09.2005: first real fuel-cell application
14.09.2005: the joys of embedded hacking
05.09.2005: continuous improvment, or “my old code sucks”
04.09.2005: Cool hack: creating custom subroutines on-the-fly in Perl
02.09.2005: becoming unhappy with
02.09.2005: Book review: “To Kill a Mockingbird ” by Harper Lee