Archive for July, 2005

29.07.2005: Book review: “Selected works of Alexander S. Pushkin”
23.07.2005: how I read ebooks on a Palm
22.07.2005: problems with recent changes of use.perl !
22.07.2005: Book review: “Los caminos de Mitan” by Luis G Prado
15.07.2005: Qt guidelenes for API design
15.07.2005: Book review: “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” by Carl Sagan
12.07.2005: million, billion, milliard
12.07.2005: Book review: “Yo Robot” by Isaac Asimov
10.07.2005: more XML: XPath, XSLT
08.07.2005: some thoughts on XML (XmlWriter and DOM)
03.07.2005: china, pebble bed nuclear reactors and hydrogen
01.07.2005: nice quote on immortality
01.07.2005: Book review; “NLP: the new technology” by NLP Comprehensive