Archive for May, 2005

31.05.2005: Skype
29.05.2005: getting to some real PIC programming
27.05.2005: Book review: “Mastering algorithms with Perl”
23.05.2005: Book review: “Effective Perl” by J.N. Hall and R. Schwartz
16.05.2005: perls w/o strict
15.05.2005: Book review: “The double helix” by James Watson
13.05.2005: exceptions vs. error codes
12.05.2005: Book review: “The hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy
10.05.2005: Ethernet, or things I never thought I’ll do
08.05.2005: Maccabi Tel Aviv European champions ’05 !!
06.05.2005: Problem logging into use.perl ?
05.05.2005: quantum cryptography
05.05.2005: Book review: “Chess skill in man and machine” by Peter Frey
04.05.2005: random: elevators, vacum cleaners, books
04.05.2005: Book review: “Der falsche Nero” by Lion Feuchtwanger
01.05.2005: stuff: acrobat, wikipedia, ethernet