Archive for April, 2005

29.04.2005: Book review: “Aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym” by E.A. Poe
28.04.2005: quotas on foreign developers
27.04.2005: Book review: “War of the worlds” by H.G. Wells
27.04.2005: pdf GOOD, adobe BAD
26.04.2005: smoke tests
24.04.2005: Book review: “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan
23.04.2005: reading russian books on the palm – check
22.04.2005: my Palm era begins
17.04.2005: random call for help, disabled users
17.04.2005: more on Palm (Tungsten E) – mp3, security
15.04.2005: Palm, ebook reading and annoying sellers
15.04.2005: Book review: “Spanish ballad” by Lion Feuchtwanger
12.04.2005: emacs is hard
09.04.2005: Book review: “The Moral Animal” by Robert Wright
08.04.2005: C -> Parrot compiler