Archive for February, 2005

23.02.2005: interesting problem: buffered text view widget
22.02.2005: M$ patent claim on IsNot
20.02.2005: MIX implementation in Perl completed !
20.02.2005: life by Yudkowsky: transhumanism, singularity
18.02.2005: Book review: “How to win friends and influence people”
17.02.2005: Book review: “The pragmatic programmer” by Hunt and Thomas
14.02.2005: meaningful journal entry names
11.02.2005: Joel’s 12 steps for better code
09.02.2005: AoHoHoAoA
08.02.2005: Book review: “A walk to remember” by Nicholas Sparks
07.02.2005: convergence of small electronic devices
06.02.2005: Book review: “Feeling good” by David Burns
06.02.2005: weather-induced bugs
04.02.2005: out of fuel !
03.02.2005: refactoring
03.02.2005: new manager at work
01.02.2005: true cross-platform compatibility of Qt