Archive for January, 2005

30.01.2005: Book review: “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown
30.01.2005: microchip PIC
28.01.2005: Book review: “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo
27.01.2005: Book review: “Complete digital design” by Mark Balch
25.01.2005: “Stone soup” or guerilla prototypes
22.01.2005: paradigm shift – parallel computing ?
21.01.2005: Book review: “Eugene Onegin” by A.S. Pushkin
21.01.2005: mathematical musing
19.01.2005: bin2dec for huge numbers
18.01.2005: using a cache to speed-up code
14.01.2005: more on Qt and on coding frenzies
14.01.2005: Book review: “Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal”
09.01.2005: Book review: “C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3″
02.01.2005: Qt – first impressions