Archive for November, 2004

29.11.2004: pc upgrade, winxp annoyance
28.11.2004: Book review: “A random walk down Wall Street” by B. Malkiel
26.11.2004: random stuff
22.11.2004: cheers to google
21.11.2004: “TPJ’s Computer Science & Perl Programming” ed. Jon Orwant
18.11.2004: more on P::RD and Scite scripting
17.11.2004: Perl scripting of Scite
17.11.2004: regex gotcha in P::RD
15.11.2004: considerations in MIXAL parsing
14.11.2004: pure delight !! (MIX byte code, debugger and other oddities)
12.11.2004: tools for single-person development
12.11.2004: Book review: “Dubliners” by James Joyce
11.11.2004: Book review: “Spanish with Michel Thomas” by Michel Thomas
11.11.2004: I don’t l like Perl’s OO…
09.11.2004: Book review: “VHDL Coding Styles …” by Ben Cohen
05.11.2004: Book review: “Signals and Systems, made ridiculously simple”
03.11.2004: a “reverse” caveat
01.11.2004: democracy