Archive for October, 2004

29.10.2004: vmware and the linux kernel
28.10.2004: good guys
28.10.2004: Book review: “Metamath: the quest for Omega” by G. Chaitin
26.10.2004: LF – CR/LF
26.10.2004: random stuff
24.10.2004: firefox
24.10.2004: a VHDL parser in Perl
22.10.2004: a tied hand
22.10.2004: example of a bad design
18.10.2004: and the eulogy was delivered by Perl
15.10.2004: random stuff
15.10.2004: different coding approaches
13.10.2004: Book review: “Diamond chariot” by Boris Akunin
08.10.2004: Book review: “Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid”
06.10.2004: random names generator
06.10.2004: dreadful clicks of death
05.10.2004: tech blogs in Spanish
03.10.2004: Book review: “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill
01.10.2004: complying with -Wall -pedantic -ansi