Archive for September, 2003

23.09.2003: Book review: “Secrets of the Jewish brain” by Eran Katz
22.09.2003: random stuff
21.09.2003: Book review: “Anna Karenina” by Lev Tolstoy
19.09.2003: cpp is pain
12.09.2003: Book review: “C++ in action” by Bartosz Milewski
07.09.2003: I’m a dork and Knuth knows it !
05.09.2003: more on simplified cpp + some rant
05.09.2003: big X
04.09.2003: coding a simplified cpp
03.09.2003: type system
02.09.2003: some more about Spain (especially financial)
01.09.2003: VHDL C interaction