Archive for July, 2003

30.07.2003: full fledged open-source project
29.07.2003: great compilers tutorial
29.07.2003: hard IQ test
27.07.2003: use.perl manual
27.07.2003: Tk annoyance
26.07.2003: Book review: “Artificial Life” by Steven Levy
25.07.2003: reading good books
23.07.2003: Variable initialization in C++
23.07.2003: Allocating multi-dimensional arrays in C++
23.07.2003: Correct usage of const with pointers
22.07.2003: Book review: “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen
20.07.2003: learning spoken vs. programming languages
20.07.2003: geeky journal
18.07.2003: some Perl “magic”
17.07.2003: test vectors generation in Perl
13.07.2003: Spain, Spain, we go to Spain
10.07.2003: Some benchmarking in Perl
07.07.2003: Book review: “How to stop worrying…” by Dale Carnegie
04.07.2003: interesting problem (binary representation of big numbers)
03.07.2003: Book review: “The age of innocence” by Edith Wharton
01.07.2003: testing and test-benches