Archive for May, 2003

30.05.2003: Perlines
26.05.2003: Safari, Perl & Matrix
22.05.2003: Ruminations on chapter 16 of “Code Complete”
20.05.2003: some pondering on design of MIX in Perl
19.05.2003: MIX in Perl
16.05.2003: too much Perl…
16.05.2003: Using perl for hardware verification
13.05.2003: Book review – The Designer’s Guide to VHDL (by P. Ashenden)
13.05.2003: playing around with Jeeves
10.05.2003: Book review: 451 Fahrenheit (by Ray Bradbury)
09.05.2003: Coding in C++, wishing it were Lisp (or Perl)
09.05.2003: Book review: “Enigma: The battle for the code”
06.05.2003: Some quotes from Paul Graham’s latest article
06.05.2003: Why start a weblog ?